10 Carpet Cleaning Secrets from a Professional - Pooler Ga. 31322


power pup clean the stain removal specialists in seattle offer tips and tricks for cleaning carpet

Everyone loves the cozy comfort of carpet – just about as much as they hate dealing with spills and stains. Regardless of how careful you are, there will
always be a time when you’re confronted by an ugly dark splotch on your lovely carpeting. Luckily there are some tipsr.and tricks you can try.

  1. Vacuum at least once a week. Carpet can quickly accrue dirt and debris, which will make it more difficult to lift up stains as they occur. Around often trafficked areas – such as entryways and halls – dirt will quickly stain the carpet a darker shade. Only regular vacuuming will help.
  2. Weigh an item down on stubborn stains. If a stain just won’t come up, try layering a few dry towels on it and weighing it down with something heavy, such as books. You may be able to absorb more of the liquid this way. You can then pour more water on the area and blot it up again – but make sure your carpet does dry thoroughly afterward and the water doesn’t stagnate, as this could cause molding.
  3. Lift stains with shaving cream. Some stains can be lifted with a careful application of shaving cream. It may seem strange, but it’s a common trick. White, creamy shaving creams tend to be less effective than the blue-tinted gel types.
  4. Use some dishwashing liquid on greasy stains. If you happen to get oil or grease on your carpet, break out the dishwashing liquid. Remember that with dishwashing liquid a little goes a long way. Dishwashing liquid is specifically formulated to break down the structure of grease so that it can be easily removed.
  5. For blood stains, use hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide will fizz a little at the presence of blood and then remove it. Just remember that the hydrogen peroxide needs to be washed out quite quickly. Even diluted, hydrogen peroxide can be a bleaching agent – if you just leave it on the carpet without washing it out, it could lighten it.
  6. Scrape up sticky stains. Before you try to get a sticky stain off – such as candy – you should try manually removing it by scraping it. Simply pouring water on it is more likely to melt the sticky solution and get it everywhere within the carpet. Sticky items will generally remain on the surface until diluted.
  7. Blot stains rather than rubbing them. Rubbing carpeting is one of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to deal with a stain – especially if they’re panicking. Blot stains by holding down a dry cloth firmly against the stain itself.
  8. Freeze it off. For gum, peanut butter, or other sticky items that you just can’t seem to get off, try applying an ice cube first. You can then often break the item directly off the carpeting.
  9. Break out the club soda. Club soda actually does do very well against many stains. Not only does the liquid itself act to dilute the stain, but the carbonation provides an agitating action that separates the stain from the carpeting.
  10. Get a cleaner specifically for pet stains. Don’t even bother trying to deal with a puppy’s accidents with a traditional carpet cleaner. You’ll need an organic, pet-specific carpet cleaner to break down the stain.