3 Reasons you will love Choicecare Carpet Cleaning!- Savannah GA 31411

(1).  Usually I get a great review.  You know how important great reviews are these days to a business, both online and offline.  If you like what we can do for you, a positive review is much appreciated.  (2).  Often I get referred to friends, neighbors and family members.  Referrals are awesome especially when they come from a great client!  In fact, I will check for unwanted spots and I'll show you whether or not they can be removed and how.  This may include pet stains, heavy traffic areas, and any other difficult areas that you may have concerns about.  And  yes, this is done without any cost or obligation of any kind.  (3).  I'll determine the health of your carpets.  Most never thought of carpets as having good or bad health.  Well just like people, if a carpet is in bad health it will not live long.  Healthy carpets save you money and keep your family healthy too.  Just like you track in dirt from the outside, you also track in car exhaust, cigarette smoke, asphalt, chemicals, dust, germs, pollen, tar, and many others.  These pollutants get lodged in your home or business and then in your carpets.  And it takes a little more than vacuuming to remove those things.  Call us & we can help you take care of your rugs and fabrics.  We have been doing so for over 20 years. Feel free to reach us @ 912-354-3067. Serving Savannah GA & the many surrounding communities.