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The Power of Steam

As you probably know, my website champions the power of steam when it comes to cleaning your carpets, and there are a couple of reasons for this. One is that steam is very hot and will kill off a good number of bacteria that hides in your carpet. In fact, many of my reviews state that close to 100% of allergy inducing bugs like dust mites will be a thing of the past. 

carpet moldThe second reason for choosing a steam carpet cleaner is the fact that it will help vastly reduce the amount of drying time when you’ve finished washing your carpet (or rugs), and this helps

Think about it? Every-time you walk across a carpet whether it’s in bare feet, slippers or shoes, you’re grinding surface dirt deeper into the pile. Add to this the various pollutants that hang about in the air like cigarette smoke, dust and various chemicals it doesn’t bear thinking about what the deeper fibers look like in your carpet. 

Sure, vacuuming will help as long as you do it regularly but this only deals with loose dirt and unless you’re prepared to spend a good deal of money, there are few models of vacuum cleaner on the market that will keep airborne particles at bay. 

Research prospective carpet cleaning companies

It's important to investigate all prospective companies before hiring a carpet cleaner. Talk with your friends and family, and check online reviews on sites like Google.

Once you've settled on a few companies in your area, ask for references so you can find out whether previous customers were satisfied with the carpet cleaner's work.