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Professional Cleanings

About once a year, wool rugs should get a thorough cleaning to remove general grime that a vacuum can’t touch. This will brighten the rug, giving it an almost new appearance, and extend its life.

Generally, for both area rugs (including Persian and Oriental rugs) and wall to wall wool carpets, home cleaning is not recommended. Wool fibers can be tricky to clean and work with, which is why professional cleaning is usually the best option. Wool absorbs much more water than synthetic fibers to, which makes them hard to dry and (for area rugs) heavy and difficult to maneuver. In addition, many available carpet cleaners these days are simply too alkaline for wool fibers. Basically, the cleaner used needs to be the proper pH to prevent browning.

Keep in mind that while carpet manufacturers generally recommend professional cleaning of your wool carpets every 12 to 18 months, there are several circumstances that may warrant more frequent cleanings. This includes if you have indoor pets, have young children with a tendency to spill sticky substances on the carpet, or tend to see oily dirt tracked into the house (perhaps from a garage floor). Do keep in mind that many of today’s higher end carpets, including Oriental and Persian rugs, are actually made from synthetic fibers rather than wool. If you are unsure what type you have, snip a strand of the carpet, hold it over the sink, and put a lit match to it. If it’s wool, the burning carpet fiber will smell like burning hair.  Call us today & we will do all we can to fit your busy schedule. Reach us @ 912-368-7337. Hinesville Ga.  Pet concerns