Caring for your carpets!- Hinesville Ga.31313

Cleaning the invisible dirt in your home that can ruin your health.  Why should we care about invisible dirt?  Because we can smell it, feel it, and it can make us sick.  Here is some of what your home and office may contain that we cannot see: pollens, spores, midew, mold, dander, soot, lead, pesticides, urine/ fecal matter, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, mite feces, insects, dead skin, hair, & harmful bacteria.  Your carpet plays an extremely important role in protecting your health from all the invader above.  Your carpet is like a gigantic filter. It traps the unseen contaminants and keep them away from your mouth, eyes, ears and prevents them from floating around and getting into your lungs.  However, every filter needs to be cleaned regularly to make it work right.  If you're not only concerned about appearance of your carpets, but also want to make sure that your home is a healthy living environment, your carpet needs vacuuming twice per week and a professional cleaning twice a year.  U can control and remove unseen dirt by:  1).  Dust before you vacuum.  2). Vacuum under and behind furnishings regularly.  3). Clean or replace duct filters frequently.  4). Have your carpets cleaned twice a year.  5) Have your ducts cleaned yearly.  6). Vacuum twice a week with vacuum that either has a HEPA filter or equivalent filtering system.   If you have any questions, be sure to call our office at 912-354-3067 or you can reach us at  Serving Hinesville Ga. & surrounding areas.😉