Carpet Cleaning Specials- Savannah GA



1.  Point our every spot you are concerned about. Tell the Technician what the spot is. When we know what caused a spot, it is more likely that we remove it.

2.  Prepare your carpet to be cleaned. Remove the furnishings. Remove all breakables from work area. Vacuum and clean your baseboards before we come. Remember the better prepared you are, the fewer obstacles to distract us from doing the best job ever.

3.  Lay your entry mats or small area rugs ( up to 2, 2x3 in size) on the carpet, and I'll clean those for free! I'll do anything I can to get your carpet clean, and keep it clean.

4.  Never be to shy to complain. I want you to rave about me to your friends. So after we leave, if your discover more we can do, please, please, please, call me!

5.  Have an open parking space as close as possible to front door.

6.  Make sure your outside water tap is working.


We clean our filters before every job, to maximize our vacuum. We also use a system that lets us know when we have removed as much as possible, so we never over-wet the carpet. It dries in one day.

Here is what you can do, to get carpet dry even faster: 

1.  The warmer you keep your house, the faster the carpet will dry. A house that is 72 degrees will dry half again as fast as a house that is 63 degrees.

2.  Air holds very little water. When the air has filled with moisture, the carpet stops drying. Increase air flow, and the carpet will dry faster. This can be accomplish by turning on the air exchange or opening windows. Even on a cold rainy day, the carpet will dry quickly if the house is kept warm, with just one window open a few inches on each end of the house. 

3.  Fans pointed at the carpet will circulate the moist air away from the carpet, so dry air can replace it.

4.   Air conditioners and humidifiers will pull moisture out of the air, and are useful if the windows are closed.

5.   Avoid putting towels or sheets on the carpet, because this will restrict air flow and slow drying.