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A mistake many homeowners make is to treat their rugs in the same way they treat their carpets. That is, they vacuum them all over, and treat stains and long-term dirt and grime with store-bought carpet cleaner. The truth is that rugs are often much more delicate than carpets. Whereas carpets are specifically designed to handle high volumes of foot traffic, and are more hard-wearing, rugs are designed for much less use, so they are typically much more susceptible to damage. Understanding how to clean a rug is important for to keep them looking clean and fresh.

How Do I Tackle Delicate and Oriental Rug Cleaning?

When it comes to oriental rug cleaning, and buying a rug cleaner for other delicate materials, you’ll want to take a bit more time and care to ensure you don’t damage your rug’s fabric and fibres. Here’s how to clean a rug that is a bit more vulnerable than your everyday doormat: