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What can you do about the odor?

The good thing is that there are ways to eliminate this horrible carpet odor. The following are a few of your options:

  • Use natural home cleaning products.  Your kitchen shelves have natural ingredients that can be used to eliminate carpet odor. In addition, they are usually very inexpensive to use. Use a mix of  baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice. They are known to be very effective for getting rid of carpet odor.  This method is even easier if you know where the specific stains or odors are located. Test the solution on a small area of you carpet first to make sure it does not stain the carpet.
  • Use commercial cleaning products. Many of these are great options if you are budget conscious and want a way to solve the problem on your own.  They are designed for and safe enough for residential use. Not only can these carpet cleaning products get rid of stains, but they are also ideal for eliminating bad carpet smells.
  • Get rid of the carpet.  Now, this is the most obvious solution. If it is too damaged, and you cannot salvage it with these methods, consider getting rid of it.
  • Get the carpet professionally cleaned. Many carpet cleans have chemicals that can get rid of smelly stains. Many of them are also environmentally safe. However, this is expensive and it may be cheaper to buy your own carpet cleaning machine if you plan on using it more than once.
  • If you want to get the odor out of the carpet, there are a few good options to choose from. Some involve getting professional help, and others you can do on your own. However, it is good to know that you don’t have to live with offensive carpet smells forever. For Professional help call Choicecare Carpet Cleaning @ 912-354-3067.