Carpet Protectors- What They Are & How They Work. Pooler Ga. / Savannah Ga. 31419

Carpet protectors come in many variations and under many labels.  You may already have heard of Scotchgard or Teflon, two of the better known brand names. The most widely used protectors are fluorochemicals with acid dye resistors.  The surface tension created by a coating of fluorochemical keeps the liquid spills bonding together and not penetrating the surface.  With some protectors on carpet, you can actually place water on the surface of the carpet, and you can actually see the water bead up & stay in place.  Do Protectors Clean Off?  The answer is, that it is possible, but not with normal cleaning.  Cleaning can, however, fool you into thinking that the protector is gone.  Protectors can wear with high traffic & needs to be repeated with each cleaning if possible.  How long do they last? As much as I would like to, it almost impossible to give an exact time.  We know that they do not wear off easily.  They are removed by wear.  So, how long a protector last depends on the amount of wear it receives.  In my opinion, protectors are almost always a good value. They will give the protection from every day use and give you additional years of use from a carpet that would otherwise experience undue wear, soiling, and staining.  They protect the carpet investment of you, the consumer. For other tips or services, please call Choice Care Carpet Care @ 912-354-3067 in Pooler/ Savannah Ga.  Serving Chatham  County  for over 20 years. Call today!!