Carpet Steam Cleaning in Pooler Ga. 31322 - Choice Care Carpet Care

What is commonly referred to as carpet steam cleaning is actually a different process entirely. This term refers to the hot water extraction cleaning method that is recommended by virtually all carpet manufacturers. This is a form of deep cleaning, best performed by a professional, that can lift dirt and grime that has settled deep into the carpet. This type of cleaning has a number of significant advantages for your carpeting.

Extend the life of your carpet. The easiest way to damage your carpeting is to allow dirt, dust and grime to remain embedded in the carpet for too long. Over time, experts say this dirt acts like thousands of tiny razors to actually damage the individual carpet fibers. Regular vacuuming – once a week or more often if your carpet gets high use – goes a long way toward removing dirt and protecting the carpet fibers. However, a deep cleaning using hot water extraction is the best way to clean the carpet as thoroughly as possible, which in turn, will extend the life of the carpet.

Rely on a carpet cleaning professional. It is possible to rent so-called “steam cleaning” machines from home improvement stores. Generally, these machines are not as powerful as the water extraction machines used by professionals. However, the main difference between a professional and a novice using one of these machines is the amount of water left in the carpeting – too much can lead to mildew – and the choice of what cleaner or chemical to apply. Be careful to follow the recommended usage for professional cleaning of your carpet. Generally, carpet manufacturers recommended this type of cleaning once a year unless your carpet gets heavy use that includes kids and pets. If you rely too much on professional cleaning, that can actually damage the carpet fibers and cause them to shrink or settle.  For the best results call Choice Care Carpet Care @ 912-354-3067. Pooler Ga.  Pet Concerns