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A Few Stain Cleaning Tips and Techniques

Now that you know which remedies for carpet stains are best, it is time to explore the best cleaning techniques. Always start working from the outside towards the center of the stained area.

Be gentle and refrain from scrubbing the carpet aggressively. This cleaning approach will simply get the stain deep into the carpet fabric, making it almost impossible to remove. Blotting is the best possibility and it should be used instead of back and forth cleaning. Gentle brushing in the same direction is permissible for really stubborn stains.

Use a white towel or a white piece of fabric to apply the cleaning solution. Color migration is a viable option, if you use a dark-colored piece of fabric on a light carpet. Paper towels and corn starch are the best options for removing excess moisture.

Bleach and bleaching products should never be used on carpet stains. Though they will dissolve the spot, such cleaning agents will also lead to carpet discoloration.

Some of the best home remedies for carpet stains are really simple and inexpensive. They will work great for the common stain varieties but if you are dealing with something really stubborn like blood or grease, try a commercial cleaner. These products are especially formulated to protect the fibers and to get rid of even the oldest and most stubborn carpet stain. More help? Call us @ 912-368-7337.