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Dealing with Water-Soluble Stains

Water-soluble stains are the easiest ones to deal with. As a result, you can rely on a really basic organic stain remover recipe to deal with those.

Commonly, water-soluble stains on carpets are the ones from all kinds of beverages, ice cream, sauce, mud and milk.

1. To get rid of the water-soluble carpet stains, you will need to mix one teaspoon of white vinegar and 32 ounces of water.

2. Spray the cleaning liquid into the carpet.

3. Do a bit of scrubbing and wash it clean with water.

Old and Stubborn Stains

Getting rid of more stubborn stains will demand a bit of additional effort. Some of the most stubborn stains are the ones from fats, wax and gum.

Getting rid of wax is relatively easy. Place a piece of paper on top of the stain. Use your iron at the lowest heat setting. Go over the stain several times. The wax will stick to the paper and it will be removed from the carpet.


These cleaning solutions without chemicals may also be used in cleaning devices such as carpet shampooers and cleaners.

To remove gum, you will need nothing more than the ice cubes found in your freezer. Place a few cubes on top of the gum stain. The chewing gum will freeze and solidify. Use some sharp object like a knife to shatter the gum in many pieces and get rid of it with the vacuum cleaner.