Carpet cleaner Hinesville Ga.? Call Choicecare!

Not even Supermom can ensure that no one ever wears shoes in the house, that animals and children never track mud through the halls, or that no one ever consumes food or drinks over the living room carpet. We've all been victims of stains, dirt and odors trapped in the flooring. They attack when you least expect it and cling onto your carpet for dear life, no matter how much you scrub and scrape.

People survived centuries without vacuum cleaners and may have had cleaner hardwood floors because of it. Brooms have gotten the job done for generations. We're talking about real brooms, though, made from real broomcorn, not synthetic bristles. A good old-fashioned broom made from broomcorn actually cleans itself as you use it. Soil and dirt particles won't linger between these bristles the way they tend to stick between newfangled synthetic broom bristles.

You can try rearranging the furniture to cover up that spot on the rug, but you'd have better luck trying to get the stain out first. If it's just a little spill, water and a cloth might take it out, but for tougher stains, such as red wine or pet urine, you'll need a tougher solution. You don't have to look far; the solution is right in your shower!

A good spot cleaner for carpet stains is shaving cream. Take an old shaving brush or purchase a small, cheap paintbrush (that you keep just for this purpose) and use it to work the shaving cream into the stain. Then use a clean, damp rag to wipe up the shaving cream and the remnants of the stain. Blot the area dry with a clean, white or color-fast cloth. More tips or service call Choicecare @ 912-368-7737 in Hinesville Ga. 31313