Choice Care Carpet Care @ Savannah Ga. - "The patient path to success."

The still-unfolding history behind Choice Care Carpet Care of Savannah Ga. is a true mom-&-pop, pull yourself up by your bootstraps story.  We literally started our company out of a Chevy S 10 pickup truck.  The odds were against us, as all our competitors were running large trucks and we were in a recession.  We managed not just to stay in business in these tough conditions, but we made a good name and grow a following since initially creating a business plan in 2002.  Growth made simple.  Though we are a small- one truck operation with Isaac & Jonathan performing the physical work and Linda running the office.  We currently book 2-3 days in advance, with mostly returning clients and referrals.  We are in no rush for growth. With dedicated hard work, it will be produced with time. There is no big hurry.  We do have goals, but quality always wins over quantity.  Choice Care Carpet Care boasts a modern website and has established a company personality on social media, where it stays engaged with our clients.  Our best marketing has been word of mouth.  " We just work hard and are honest.  Our clients do the rest."  We have no regrets when it comes to business.  Always be humble, & always do do your best. For more information & appointments call 912-354-3067. Proudly serving Savannah Ga. & surrounding areas. In closing, "Don't be afraid to sweat. It can produce a good work!  Sweat is actually a prerequisite of the job.