Choice Care Carpet Cleaning News & Hints! Pooler Ga. /Savannah Ga.31419

Spotting Hints.   Can hair spray be used to remove ink stains?  Yes, but only if it is a ball-point ink stain.  Blot up as much of the stain as possible, being careful not to spread it or make it worse.  Then saturate with hair spray and blot.  If the spot is still there, call Choice Care Carpet to help you.  Our Services: Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery & Fine Fabric Cleaning, Pet Stains & Odors, Deodorizers, Soil  & Stain Protectors, Water Damage Restoration, Wool & Fine Rug Cleaning, & Carefree Maintenance Program.                                                                   Top 10 Reasons to buy new carpets: 10) Loved the color when new, hate it today, 9) Husband won't take off shoes, 8) Hole & rips in carpet, 7) Pet accidents, 6) Bleach or iron marks in the carpet, 5) You had a water damage or a flood, 4) Keep tripping over bumps in the rugs, 3) Shag carpet is not in style anymore, 2) The children moved & are gone, and 1) The dog or cat has died.                                                                                       You have invested considerable time and money in the selection and purchase of the "just right" carpet. Will you get your money's worth in terms of life expectancy, or will abrasive soil cut the carpet life in half?  It simply makes sense to maintain the beauty and health of your carpets investment with a planned maintenance program designed to meet all the required the fiber and carpet manufacturers as well as the EPA.  We have various programs available, as well as different levels of service.  For more tips or service please call Choice Care Carpet Cleaning @ 912-354-3067.  Pooler Ga. / Savannah Ga. 31419