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When dogs are kept in a house, even for short periods of time, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll urinate on the carpet or even on furniture at some point. Dogs may wet in the house because of a medical condition or simply because the owner wasn’t available to let the dog go outside. Rarely, a dog may urinate in the house because of a behavior issue. Removing a dog urine smell takes effort, but with a few specific cleansers, a home can be rid of that unpleasant odor for good.

Before cleaning an accident, test a small, hidden area of carpeting or upholstery with any of the cleaners discussed. Some fabrics may be faded or damaged by even mild cleansers.


Home Remedies for Cleaning Dog Urine

Cleaning the accident quickly is the easiest way to make sure every trace of urine is removed from the carpet or furniture. Old urine spots will need to be dampened with cool water before cleaning. Once the area is thoroughly damp, clean rags should be used to absorb urine, replacing the soiled rags with clean ones until no more urine can be absorbed.

  • Baking soda absorbs liquids and odors naturally. A liberal amount should be sprinkled over the entire dampened area. With a damp rag, the baking soda can be gently rubbed into the carpet fibers and then allowed to sit for several hours. Once the baking soda is dry, it should be vacuumed up. The process can be repeated as many times as necessary if the odor remains.
  • Cornstarch is another natural odor-absorbing powder. It can be used exactly like baking soda and will absorb odors and deodorize the area.
  • A mixture of half a cup water and half a cup white vinegar can be used to deodorize and disinfect carpet or upholstery soiled with urine. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that kills bacteria, mold, and other harmful organisms. Urine smells unpleasant because of multiplying bacteria, and vinegar can destroy those foul-smelling microbes.
  • Once the process of removing the dog urine smell is complete, care should be taken to prevent a recurrence of accidents. A veterinarian can determine if a dog is suffering from a medical condition, such as incontinence or a bladder infection. If a medical condition is not the cause, more frequent walks can usually help eliminate wetting accidents.  For more tips or appointment please call Choicecare Carpet Cleaning @ 912-354-3067 in Savannah Ga.  Pet concerns