Dirty Carpets Pooler Ga. 31322? We can help!

Your carpets is screaming for a lot more than the "brush the dirt off top" typical carpet cleaning service.  We provide the most-thorough cleaning or our service is Free.  That's the only way we do business.  To learn more about us, & our services or how we can make your carpets look like new again, please continue to read on.  First, we prep your carpets, making sure the carpet are prepared for a deep cleaning. We check in advance making sure all areas for free of debris & unwanted objects on floors or rugs. (Safety first!).  Then your carpet receives a thorough preconditioning and spotting of all traffic areas, which insures that most spots and spills will be removed and traffic lanes will look as clean as the rest of the carpets.  Next your carpet is deep cleaned with Choice Care Hot Water Extraction, truck-mounted carpet cleaning system for the most thorough cleaning ever.  We can then provide Scotchgard to all carpet fibers to help protect the carpet against spills from becoming stains.  And finally we give your carpet a final grooming to remove wand and shoe prints plus it gives your carpet a like new appearance.  PLUS, we apply an anti microbial disinfectant to rid the carpet of any unpleasant smells, such as smoke odors and perfumes. Learn how you can start saving money by using ou service, call today! Your carpets will look cleaner and smell better, and they will last longer too.  For more information please call 912-354-3067 Pooler Ga. 31322