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Dirty Carpets Can Cause Respiratory Issues

Homes that forgo visits from even cheap carpet cleaners may find that it’s a little harder to breathe in their home. Dirty carpets are ideal habitats for small organisms, molds, human skin cells and pet hair. They collect all of these materials over time and disperse them into the air whenever someone walks on the carpet. Inhaling all of these allergens can cause more serious problems than sneezing.

Health issues including cold-like symptoms from coughing to runny noses may affect residents living with a dirty carpet. Residents may also experience moderate to severe allergic reactions and asthma attacks. In fact, the compounds found in dirty rugs can actually cause asthma in people who don’t yet have it. You may experience even more severe health issues if your carpet is in a moist climate and develops mold.

Allergy sufferers may also pay the price if you manage to attract a dust mite infestation. Up to 2,000 dust mites can live in only one ounce of carpet dust, and they’re mostly invisible to the naked eye, so you may not even know you have them. Though they don’t cause allergies on their own, they leave waste behind that can easily be inhaled to cause discomfort.

Cheap carpet cleaners like over-the-counter detergents and vacuums may not be enough to deal with a dust mite infection. Professional carpet cleaners have equipment that can steam or flood the mites out, so if someone in your house is suffering from indoor allergies, hiring carpet cleaners is your best option.

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