Don't Get Ripped Off Like I Did! PART 1, SAVANNAH GA, 31419

                                                                           Warning to Local Homeowners:  Don't Get Ripped off Like I Did!

I found a Free Report that reveals how to avoid being a victim of outrageous carpet cleaning scams.
I still can't believe that I was so blatantly lied to, and taken advantage of by these con artists. It armost makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it. That's why I'm sending this letter to everyone in the area, to share my experience and warn you.
I was browsing through the local coupon shopper searching for a carpet cleaning company. I had-planned a graduation party for my daughter, and wanted the house to look nice when all the guests arrive. I came across an ad that offered a $79.95 special and decided to give them a call. The company made me an appointment for noon, the following day. Little did I know, I had just been set up.
I had everything ready to go and was actually excited to get my carpets cleaned. My neighbor has her carpets cleaned regularly and her home always looks nice afterwards.
By 1:00 the carpet cleaner hadn't arrived so I called their office to find out what was going on. The receptionist told me he'd be arriving any minute. He finally showed up at 2:15 PM, over two hours late.
When I answered the door, an unkept individual with long hair and a missing front tooth greets me. I should have known better than to let this person into my home, but I wanted to get my carpets cleaned in preparation for my daughter's party. without so much as an apology, he comes into my home and proceeds to ask about the work I want done.
                                                                                                            I Wish I'd Wish Trusted My Instincts
He was really gruff as he explained that he couldn't do the job for the $79.95 I was quoted over the phone. He said I had some unique type of carpeting that was difficult to clean. He was going to have to charge $397 for the work I wanted done. I armost told him to forget it, but I wanted the house to look good for my daughter's party, so I let him go ahead with the work.
When he was finished with the job, I noticed that the carpet didn't look very clean. when I asked him about this, he said, "The carpet will look like brand new as soon as it's dry." Taking him at his word, I went ahead and paid him.
Later that evening, I noticed that certain areas of the carpet were so wet that it actually made a sloshing sound as I walked across it.
When I woke up the next morning, most of the carpet was still soaking wet, and the areas that were dry, looked terrible. I was in a panic. My daughter's party was today, and I couldn't have the carpet looking like this when guest arrive. I immediately called the company and told them my situation. They refused to come back out and said nothing else could be done because my carpet needed to be replaced. I was furious, and called my bank to put a stop payment on the check.
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