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Carpet is a major investment. Many people have told things about carpet care that are not truth. Following bad advice can cause you to ruin your carpet.


Common Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Myth: If My Carpet Is Only A Year Old, Then It Does Not Need To Be Cleaned

Fact: Many people believe that a carpet does not need any cleaning if it is does not look dirty. However, if you wait until your carpet is visibly dirty, then it is probably already damaged. In fact, the soil that is not visible to the eye is likely causing the most damage. The dirt deep down in the carpet is what will destroy it. You cannot remove the dirt deep down in the carpet with just a vacuum cleaner.

Myth: I Do Not Need A Professional Cleaning If I Use Store-Bought Products And Equipment

Fact: The products and equipment that you purchase at a store do not compare to the ones that a professional uses. Not only do these products have harsh chemicals that can cause serious harm to your carpet and health. Furthermore, these products may not even work. In fact, 33 percent of people who use store-bought products end up damaging the color of their carpet.

Many of the carpet cleaning machines use a lot of water to clean the carpet. If this water is not extracted, then your carpet will be more likely to develop mold and mildew.

Myth: I Can Use Store-Bought Products To Keep My Carpet Fresh

Fact: Most store-bought products have talcum powder. This powder will accumulate in the carpet if it is used repeatedly. You will not be able to remove it with the vacuum cleaner. Problems can result if the talcum powder is exposed to water. That is why many people have to get their carpet removed after just one or two years.

Myth: My Carpet Will Shrink After I Have It Cleaned

Fact: Your carpet will not shrink unless it does not dry properly. That is why it is important to hire a professional to clean your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning will ensure that your carpet dries properly.