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Upholstery cleaning methods depend on what type of material you are dealing with. Some types of upholstery can be cleaned easily in the home, while others may benefit from the expertise of a professional. Much of this depends on the type of fabric it is, as well as its overall cleanliness and condition.

Prevention is an important step when it comes to keeping upholstered fabrics clean. Use the nozzle vacuum attachment that is designed to get into cracks and crevices to remove crumbs and other debris. This will help keep the dirt from becoming ground into the fabric. Do this whenever you vacuum if possible. Using headrest covers and arm covers is another preventative step you can take to reduce dirt buildup on heavily used areas of fabric. These items can be cleaned on their own without requiring the entire piece to be done.

Home remedies for upholstery cleaning include white vinegar for coffee or pet odors, club soda for wine stains; and hydrogen peroxide is successful in removing blood stains. Soap or detergent can leave a residue which actually attracts dirt, so they aren’t the best choice. Always use clean white paper towels, rags or towels for spot cleaning as the color from your rag could transfer to the upholstery, making the stain worse. Before using anything to spot clean, even plain water, it’s a good idea to test first on a part of the upholstery that won’t show. Some types of fabric will show a water mark when dry, so be sure to let your test spot dry thoroughly before using any method on an area that will show.

As with carpet cleaning, you may want to consider calling Choicecare  or taking the piece in to be cleaned instead of doing it yourself. This is also a good idea if you have stains that have not been addressed or you’re not sure what type of fabric the furniture is upholstered with. We can be reached @ 912-354-3067 in beautiful Savannah Ga. Upholstery Cleaning