Getting your rugs cleaned in Hinesville GA. 31313

Everyone wants to know which method is better.  This game can lure you into paying for a gimmick.  Consider this: If I had just invented the world's best cleaning machine, I wouldn't sell it to only one cleaner in each city, I would  sell it to every carpet cleaner in the world.  That  way I would  make the most money,  and do the most  good.  So  whenever someone tells  me they have an "exclusive" method , I become suspicious, because I feel that if the method was so good that everybody would want it. It might be that nobody else wants it.                                        Every cleaning method has strengths and weaknesses. I carry three methods to get the best results, depending on your situation. I feel that truck mounted steam cleaning with hot water extraction is usually the best choice, but don't worry about that. Together we'll choose the method that will work best for your needs.                                                               5 REASONS YOU WILL LOVE MY COMPANY:                                                                                                                     

1.  EXACT APPOINTMENT  TIMES.                                                                                                                                None of this, "I'll he there between noon and 5 pm" I give you an appointment time you can set your watch by. And if I  am ever late I call ahead to let you know.

2.  PROMPT RESPONSE. I usually have an opening within a week.                                                                                       3.  I ANSWER THE PHONE LIVE. You'll meet me when I do the estimate. If there is ever a problem, I fix it personally.  4.  HONEST PRICING. No sales gimmicks, no hidden costs.                                                                                         5.  FAST DRYING. Dry in 4-6 hours is less with steam cleaning, or one hour with dry cleaning. Speed dryer available.