Great Tips on keeping your Carpets & Rugs looking Clean! Savannah Georgia 🐾🐶


Baking soda is something of a magical cure-all for most liquid spills, particularly those that also have a foul odor such as urine. The baking soda not only soaks up and absorbs the liquid but it also absorbs the odor. Baking soda is also safe for almost all fabrics, floors and carpets and will actually pull liquid that has seeped down into carpets up to the surface. Just sprinkle baking soda liberally over the spill, let it dry for a few hours and vacuum it up. The baking soda may initially leave a white stain on carpets, but a good brushing will shake the dried baking soda loose and a second vacuuming will clear up the residue. For upholstery and microfiber items, once you have vacuumed up the backing soda, a stiff brush such as shoes shine brush or a clean dish brush with nylon bristles will restore the nap. If you have young children that spill often or pets that regularly have accidents, you can purchase baking soda in 5 lb bags at most membership warehouse clubs like Sam’s Club or Costco or any place that sells swimming pool cleaning supplies.

Gum and candle wax are two very common problems that most people will often need to address at some point in time. To remove gum, simply hold an ice cube over the gum and the gum will freeze, making it easier to remove. The easiest way to remove candle wax is to place a cloth rag or old dishtowel over the wax and run a hot iron over the rag. The heat from the iron will melt the wax and the rag will absorb the liquid wax. If the wax is in a location that is not feasible to use an iron and dishtowel, freeze the wax with an ice cube inside a plastic bag and then use a plastic knife or credit card to scrape away the largest pieces. Then use a blowdryer to heat the wax and use a paper towel to blot the wax away as it melts. More info? Call Choicecare Carpet Cleaning @ 912-354-3067 Savannah Georgia.