Hinesville Ga.31313- Need a Good Local Carpet Cleaner?

Choice Care Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer exclusive program designed for the maintenance of your carpet investment that is not only effective but also environmentally safe.  The Carefree Maintenance Program provides for the maximum cleaning of your carpets and upholstery fabrics while at the same time paying special attention to the needs of our indoor and outdoor environment.  The Cleaning Compounds.  The only cleaning compounds used in this program have been specially selected because their formula qualifies them as being environmentally safe.  Other carpet cleaning systems depend heavily on the use of chemicals and leave behind large amounts of chemical residue.  We use only cleaning solutions that are free-rinsing and leave as little residue behind as possible.  The Cleaning Method:  The cleaning method employed is Hot Water Extraction because it is a proven fact that, professionally done, it is absolutely the most effective method of extracting soil, pollutants, and sources of bacteria, odor, and allergens from the carpet.  Hot Water Extraction Cleaning is recommended by most fiber producers and carpet mills for its cleaning efficiency.  And we use higher cleaning solution temperatures. One is just plain common sense... Hot water cleans so much better!  Finally, higher temperature cleaning inhibits and removes a great deal of bacteria and germs that inherently collect in fabrics.  When all of these factors are utilized in the Carefree Program, you will enjoy the peace of mind & healthy indoor environment.  For more information or to set a cleaning appointment please call us in Hinesville Ga. @ 912-368-7337.