How to prepare yourself for a Professional Carpet Cleaning. Hinesville Georgia 31313 🌸

Write Down Areas of Concern

Most homes have areas where wine has spilled or there are high areas of traffic that look more run down. Write down areas of concern that need extra attention to ensure that the carpet cleaners are aware of places to spend more time cleaning. Point out areas where they should focus on to ensure that the carpet looks new again and is restored to its original condition with the services that are provided. You can also consider placing blue tape on the areas that need to be deep cleaned as a reminder.

Move Furniture

Carpet cleaners will request that you move furniture items that are left out to ensure more of the floor can be cleaned and that the professionals won’t have to work around chairs or coffee tables. If certain items are too large to move out of the room, consider pushing them against the wall where they’re out of the way. Consider transporting furniture items that weigh less to the garage or kitchen in areas where the professionals won’t need to access. Toys, small pieces, and other types of clutter will also need to be removed to ensure that the professionals can work quickly without cleaning up objects that are left behind. It’s also necessary to lift curtains or drapes off of the floor to prevent them from coming in contact with the cleaning equipment that is used. Use a hangar on the curtain rod to secure the fabric stays off of the carpet. Keeping the material off of the carpet will also prevent any dyes from staining the carpet once it’s damp.

Provide an Area for Parking

Some carpet cleaners arrive in heavy duty trucks with plenty of equipment that they must unpack. Make it a point to provide an area for them to park to ensure that they can easily transport everything into your home. Move vehicles that are sitting in front of your home or advise the professionals that they can park in your driveway. They should also be able to park closely to the home to ensure that they can run hoses into the house and keep everything connected to their vehicle.😀