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Is Carpet Replacement Necessary for You? Decision-making is never an easy thing. It can be hard to commit to a certain restaurant on the weekend. It can be even tougher to decide whether or not to replace the carpeting in your living space. People tend to get attached to things that are familiar to them. It doesn’t matter if it’s carpeting, a sofa, a coffee table or anything else. People also often don’t want to have to worry about the work and expenses that are associated with carpet replacement. If your carpet is on its last legs, however, swift replacement is the definitely the way to go. Swift replacement can also keep many inconveniences out of your life. It’s important to pay attention to any clues that may signify the need for carpet replacement. Persistent Carpet Staining and Discoloration Carpet frequently is equipped with a finish that’s stain-resistant. This finish, however, tends to lose effectiveness with the passing of time. If you look at the carpet in your living room and realize that it’s full of icky stains and discoloration, then that’s a sign that it’s on its way out. Professional carpet cleaning service may be able to do away with minor staining and discoloration. There are some stains, though, that can be particularly persistent. Persistent stains may not respond to cleaning no matter what you do. Mustard, wine, bleach and tea stains tend to be extremely difficult to eliminate. If your carpet has a lot of staining and discoloration that you just can’t shake, full replacement may be your best and most practical bet.