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Keeping Clean Carpets Clean

One of the biggest concerns we hear about freshly cleaned carpets is how best to keep from re-soiling too quickly. Here are are a few reasons why premature re-soiling occurs after carpet cleaning, and things you can do to prevent it.

Years ago, most carpet cleaning was done using "soaps" as the cleaning agent. Although most of the foam was scooped up or extracted during the cleaning process, an unnoticeable film could easily be left behind in the carpet. It acted like a dirt "magnet", causing the cleaned carpet to re-soil faster than before it was cleaned. Today's professional cleaning and rinsing solutions are dramatically improved and much safer on both natural and synthetic carpets. New low residue cleaning and rinsing agents eliminate this problem.

Reflected light off of scratched carpet fibers can make a carpet look dirty even when it isn't. The "tufts" of most carpets are made from twisted masses of plastic ( nylon, olefin, and polyester) fibers. Tracked in soil actually scratches the fibers as you walk onto the carpet- a lot like rubbing a pair of eyeglasses  with sandpaper. When the carpet is cleaned, the soil is removed but the light continues to be refracted through the scratched fibers. This can give your carpet a dingy look. This apparent soiling usually occurs in areas of consistent foot traffic, if you don't vacuum consistently, and have your carpet cleaned periodically, and have carpet protector applied after cleaning.  Call us at 912-354-3067 or visit our website at, Hinesville GA.