One of my customers asked, "What type of cleaners to use for a carpet extractor?" Pooler, GA 31322

A nice customer called me and asked, "What type of cleaners to use for her carpet extractor?"

Normally I would have gave her pricing for cleaning her carpet with our company. But she wanted to use this commercial carpet cleaning machine that she just purchased at a discount. I had to pause first to say the correct response without being offensive. First I asked, "Why didn't the cleaning products come with the carpet extractor? She said, " It was discounted and it was the last one they had in the store." Who doesn't love a deal. I suggested that she go back to the store, and check to see if they have cleaning products for that machine. Or check online  to see if they sale the cleaning products for her carpet extractor.

My customer also mentioned that her little girl was allergic to dust mites. She has two big dogs in the house who shed their hair a lot. These are two major problems that a carpet extractor can not fix. I was very concerned for her, so I gave her some suggestions. This isn't always the route to take to clean your carpets.

At the end of the day I suggest hot water extraction.  If not sure on what to purchase to clean your carpets, it's best to call a carpet cleaning professional today. We are trained and certified  in carpet care and restoration. Please call us today to receive the MOST THOROUGH CARPET CLEANING EVER! at 912-354-3067, Pooler GA