Oriental rugs? Wool Rug cleaner Savannah Ga.31406

An elegant silk rugs lends a unique kind of beauty to a home. Because of the delicate nature of these fibers, silk rug cleaning requires a different approach than cleaning ordinary cotton or even wool rugs. Most silk rugs are made in western Asian countries, and the fiber is obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm. Silk fibers are surprisingly strong and very resilient. A silk rug can be stretched but will easily return to its original size because of the resiliency of its fibers.

Silk rugs are very smooth and lightweight but are quite delicate. The material can be easily stained and should never be placed in an area where they will be frequently walked upon. Frequent traffic can lead to color fading and damage to the rug’s embroidery–two situations that can never be corrected. Abrasive cleaning will also easily damage a silk rug, and care must be taken to ensure that any cleaning is effective yet safe. Chemical cleaners or stain removers must never be used for silk rug cleaning. Most silk fibers are simply too delicate to withstand the harshness of these chemicals. Colors may fade, holes may appear, or the rug’s texture may be changed. Even if no damage is noticed right away, the chemicals may permanently weaken the silk fibers and allow holes or rips to develop easily later on.   

Professional Cleaning

While you may prefer cleaning silk rugs yourself because you worry about letting your treasured family heirloom out of your sight, any professional rug cleaning business should be able to safely and effectively clean a silk rug. It would be a good idea to discuss their cleaning procedure, solutions used, and any guarantees that are provided prior to letting them take your rug. While some people may say dry-cleaning silk rugs is safe, it’s often better to stick to a company that focuses specifically on area rug cleaning, as they’ll have the most experience dealing with silk rugs.  Call us at Choicecare Carpet Care @ 912-354-3067 for all your fine rug Cleaning needs.  Savannah Ga.  Upholstery Cleaning