Pet stains Carpet Cleaning Hinesville Ga. 31313

We love carpets!!  And we love helping our neighbors with pet stains too!! Here's a few tip for you.

Maybe you've gotten used to them, but chances are, if you have pets, you have pet odors in your home. And there's a whole army of product manufacturers ready to sell you the latest odor-removing miracle product to take care of them. 

So you rent or buy carpet-cleaning machines, or have professionals come in and do it for you. You all but soak the upholstery and pet beds in pet odor-eliminating sprays. You buy expensive air filtration systems. You sniff your dog or cat, wondering how a creature who smells perfectly clean could cause your guests' noses to twitch when they come in the front door. 


There really is a solution to the problem of pet odors, and it has nothing to do with spraying, masking, perfuming, scenting, soaping or enzymatically purifying the air, rug or furniture. I'm talking about steam. 

I'm not talking about hot water, even if the machine that delivers it is sold as a "steam cleaner." I'm talking about the kind of steam that comes out of an espresso machine. 

Most of the machines people think of as "steam cleaners," like the carpet cleaning machines you can rent at the supermarket or that we see spinning their brushes on the soiled wall-to-wall in television commercials, don't use real steam. 

Instead, they saturate the floor with warm or hot water and detergent, then use brushes to loosen dirt, then suck up the dirt, water, and detergent. They leave your carpets wet, and leave a soap residue behind that will attract dirt to your carpets sooner than if they were truly clean. The carpets stay wet long enough to promote the growth of mold and mildew -- not the best thing for allergy sufferers. 

Worst of all, they do little to eliminate pet odors; by the time your carpets and upholstery dry, those smells are usually back, or at best, masked by a scented deodorizer. 

Steam, on the other hand, comes as close to being a miracle cleaner as anything I've ever tried. Because true steam vapor contains only 10 percent moisture -- which is actually less than normal room air -- it leaves behind a slightly damp surface that dries almost immediately.  For more info or to set an appointment for your carpet or upholstery cleaning call Choicecare Carpet Cleaning @ 912-368-7337 in Hinesville Ga.  Pet concerns