Pet stains? The best Hinesville Ga. Carpet Cleaning!

Sometimes our furry friends have accidents, especially during a puppy’s housebreaking stage. Medical problems and advanced age can cause a dog to wet on the carpet as well–not to mention those times when we stay gone longer than we intended and Fido simply can’t hold it any longer. Whatever the cause, successful dog urine smell removal takes time and attention but doesn’t have to leave you with a headache!  

Absorbing Urine

From this point, both fresh stains and old stains that have been flushed can be treated the same way. The smell of dog urine lingers in a room, even after a stain has been cleaned, because some of the urine is still lurking in the lower layers of carpet and padding. With patience, you can absorb most of the urine and minimize the possibility of any remaining urine odor.

Newspapers are very absorbent, pretty cheap, and can be thrown away after use, which makes them especially helpful for soaking up dog urine. However, you can’t put newspaper directly on the carpet because the ink will bleed. Instead, one or two layers of towels can be laid down with several layers of newspaper on top.

Standing on the absorbent layers will provide pressure that helps soak up the urine from even the lowest layer of padding. The newspapers and towels should be replaced with dry ones and stood on again until virtually no more urine can be absorbed. This may take some time, but leaving urine in the carpet basically guarantees a urine smell later on.  

What to Avoid

Instead of helping with the removal of a dog urine smell, ammonia will actually make the problem worse. Urine contains large amounts of ammonia naturally, and adding ammonia to the area will make a dog think that this is the right place for elimination. At the same time, whatever cleaner you choose will need to be tested in an inconspicuous area before use. The cleaner should be applied, and then the area should be carefully checked for colorfastness.  We at Choicecare Carpet Care are here to help. You can call us @ 912-368-7337. Hinesville Ga.  Pet Concerns