Pooler Ga. 31322- Stain Removal Guide for Carpets!

  A common problem that Carpet Cleaning techs often come across has to do with the fact that many people just aren't sure which cleaning product to use on most stains.  Many people are fed up with limited results & they refuse to try anything new.  However, what many people do not realize is that it is not always what you use, but how you use it that's important.  I have compiled a guide for the correct methods of how to remove most stains and common spills. This should help for sure.  1). Pick up any particles.  2). Blot up-- Do Not Rub!  Remove excess spillage with a clean white towel or cloth.  Spray small amount of cold water (hot water sets stains) into spill with general purpose sprayer followed by further blotting until stain is removed.  3). Stain may require mild detergent solution if above procedure don't work.  Mix 1/2 tsp. of clear, hand dishwashing detergent with about 2 cups of warm water. Apply a small amount of detergent solution to stain followed by further blotting and rinsing with cold water until stain is removed. Do not wet carpet excessively!   4).  Blot with fresh, clean, dry towel to remove as much moisture as possible.  5).  Place clean towel over stain and weight it down with a heavy object over night to absorb any traces of liquid or solid particles.  Choice Care Carpet Cleaning has a great spotter available for our customers if you come across some stubborn stains.  6).  Feel free to call us for any advice on more specific spills or accidents. Can reach us @ 912-354-3067 or  Pooler Ga. 31322