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Easy to use home remedies for removal of the most common spot problems.  This information is given for those who want to try to remove spots on their own.  If you are not comfortable with any precedures listed, you may contact Choice Care Carpet Cleaning in Hinesville Ga. @ 912-368-7337.  We will be happy to come out and attempt to remove them for you.  To avoid damaging your carpets, follow the instructions below exactly.  Please do not use these procedures on upholstery cleaning, as spot cleaning can easily damage certain delicate fabrics.  Remember that with any spot or spill that occurs, TIME is of the essence.  Immediate action and removal will yield the best results.       Spot Removal Tips

1). Use spoon or dull knife to remove all solid material.  2). Blot up liquids with a clean, white dry towel.  Never rub, scrub or brush the carpet because this can cause excessive wear and permanently damage the carpet fibers.  3). Always apply all cleaning agents to a white towel, never apply directly to the carpets, as this can damage the carpet backing if too much is used.  4). Always use white vinegar as the last step before rinsing if you have used ammonia during the process, even if the spot is already gone.  Vinegar (low ph) neutralizes ammonia (high ph) and is safe product to leave behind.  5).  Once you have removed the spot or stain, place a dry towel over the area.  Leave overnight. Remove the next day & gently brush the carpet fibers with hand to lift pile or fibers. Allow the area to dry before walking on it. For additional tips or service call us @ 912-368-7337. Hinesville Ga. 31313