Removing Dog Urine Odor from Carpets in Savannah Ga. 31419

These accidents frequently happen during the puppy housebreaking stage, but they may also occur if an animal has become elderly or is suffering from a medical condition. Removing dog urine odor from carpeting is simplest if it’s tackled quickly, but even old stains can often be removed with the proper attention.

Once you have located the area that is causing the odor, it should be flushed with clean clear water. If you have access to a carpet cleaning machine, it can be used to inject water into the area, but only cool water should be added to the machine’s tank. If the machine has a water heating feature, this will need to be turned off as well. Hot water may actually cause the urine to permanently bond with carpet fibers–not what you want!

In the absence of a carpet cleaner, the water can just be poured over the area to get it thoroughly wet, but not soggy. The water should be allowed to sit for several minutes, which will give it time to penetrate the urine and loosen its grip on the carpet fibers. It can then be sucked up using the steam cleaner or using towels and heavy pressure.

White towels should be used to prevent any dye transfer to the carpet fibers. Heavy pressure, either by standing on the towels or placing a heavy object on them, will help soak up the liquid from the lowest layers of the carpeting. New towels should be used until no more liquid can be absorbed. Call us for additional cleaning @ 912-354-3067.  Pet Concerns