Rug & Carpet Cleaners tips Richmond Hill Ga.

Most of the time all your rug needs is a good vacuuming and the crumbs and trash are gone.  However, there are those times when it requires more than just a good weekly vacuuming.

You need to remove not only dirt, but you also need to get up dirt, grime and pet hair that is hard to remove. The required solution will depend on different things.  Please use the following tips to ensure that your area rug is always properly cleaned.

Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Now, this might seem like the most obvious tip; however many people still fail to perform the basic cleaning basics. When the kids spill milk or grape juice on the rug, clean it up immediately.

Know What Your Rug Needs

Cleaning products, equipment and instructions are based on the type of rugthat you have. A fur or sheepskin rug must be cleaned differently than an Oriental, woven or grass rug. Make sure that you read the instructions for your area rug and follow them very closely.

For instance some rugs cannot be cleaned with commercial cleaners, they need to be professionally dry-cleaned. Whereas other rugs can be cleaned with the basic over the counter cleaning solution and carpet cleaning machine.

All in all, your living space is where your family congregates, and you want this area to remain as clean as possible, and this includes your area rug. The best way to keep it clean is to maintain a regular cleaning schedule, know what it needs and invest Choice Care Carpet Care for all your cleaning needs. Hopefully, these tips will help to maintain the beauty and prolong the life of your area rug. You can reach us @ 912-354-3067. Serving Richmond Hill Ga. & surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Stain tips