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                                                                             Warning To Local Homeowners:  Don't Get Ripped Off Like I Did! Part 2

Thank God my neighbor was able to help me.
I was in tears when I called my neighbor to tell her how I'd been taken advantage of. When she came over and saw what had happened, she offered to help. We called her carpet cleaner and even though it was Saturday, they took pity on us and agreed to help.
When the technician arrived and learned of my situation, he felt so bad that he took care of the problem for free. Now my carpets
looks great and I was so thankful, not only for the technician, but also for my neighbors help. I gave him a big tip and thanked him for getting me out of a terrible situation. Now that I've found a quality carpet cleaner, I'll be a client for life. But more importantly, I need to share my experience so I can warn other homeowners in the area.
                                                                                Don't get ripped off by unethical carpet cleaners
The technician explained that there are a lot of companies who make a regular practice of doing business like this. He also told me about a free report called "The Consumer's Inside Guide To Carpet Cleaning." l ordered a copy of the report and was amazed by what it revealed. The report exposes four different carpet cleaning scams and shows you how to avoid them. It also reviews the six costly mistakes that most people make when choosing a carpet cleaner. Savannah GA 31419 Local Carpet Cleaner

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