Stacks of Testimonials of Happy Clients of Choice Care Carpet Cleaning! Savannah Ga. 31406

Mrs Ford:  The work is excellent, the people are nice. I'm satisfied with everything they do for me.  All my questions were answered and all my problems with my carpet are no longer problems! Excellent!  Sandy Cole:  We were just moving into our new house when we called Choice Care to clean our carpets.  We were very satisfied.  It looked beautiful!  It's been 5 months, and it still looks beautiful.  Pat Wheeler:  They were wonderful.  There was no long wait.  We had some old pet stains, that Isaac said he couldn't promise to get out, but they got them out anyway.  No spots came back.  It's been over 3 months, and it still looks great.  Brandy Wood:  They just cleaned my carpets 2 weeks ago and it looks fabulous!  I like the technician, he was very nice.  He was on time.  The carpet was dry when I got up the next morning, and no spots came back.  When I called and told them they missed an area, they came right back out and fixed it, no hassles. Great job guys!  Jeff McLaughlin:  They did a great job!  When they realized they needed more help, the office dispatched another tech.  It dried in a reasonable amount of time. It's been five months and it's still clean!  Michelle Mitchell:  They carpet looked Like New!  It was really fluffy too.  We had to raise the pile height on the vacuum cleaner just to get it over the carpet.  They were fast & thorough.  Now we are going to have the bedrooms cleaned, because we can see a difference! For service or information please call 912-354-3067.  Choice Care Carpet Cleaning  Savannah Ga.