The Correct way to clean Carpets in Bluffton SC - Choice Care Carpet Care

Maintenance and cleaning methods have a direct effect on the appearance and durability of your carpet. To ensure your carpet looks good and lasts longer, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also be sure to keep your carpet specifications (manufacturer, carpet style, fiber type, etc.) readily at hand so you can share this information with your carpet cleaning company.

Specific types of carpet may require slightly different approaches, but manufacturers consistently recommend two deep cleaning methods:

Hot water extraction
This method is sometimes referred to as steam cleaning, and it’s the most commonly recommended method.  A fine spray of warm or hot water containing an approved cleaning solution is applied to the carpet to dislodge dirt, which is vacuumed away by a powerful truck mounted unit or a portable system. Total drying time ranges from a few hours to about 12, based on carpet fiber and type of cleaning equipment. In truck mounted systems, the soiled water is removed and disposed by the cleaning company.

Dry compound extraction
Sometimes called dry cleaning, this method involves sprinkling a dry compound onto the carpet and working it into the fibers with a brush or mechanical beater bar that dislodges dirt. The carpet surface is sometimes lightly misted with a complementary cleaning solution to help release grime. Once the compound has absorbed the dirt, it’s removed with a powerful vacuum. The dry compounds may be natural, polymeric or a blend of both. Typically, the dirty extracted compound is removed and disposed by the cleaning company. For the best Cleaning results call Choice Care Carpet Care @ 912-354-3067. Bluffton SC. Stain tips