The Different Types of Carpet We Clean at ChoiceCare Carpet Care, Savannah GA 31419

Performance Glossary:
Density: Refers to the amount of pile yarn in the carpet and the closeness of the tufts. The denser, the better.
Twist: The winding of the yarn around itself, should be neat and well defined. A tighter twist provides enhanced durability.
Heat-setting: The process that sets the twist by heat or steam, enabling yarns to hold their twist overtime. Important in cut pile carpet. Most nylon, olefin,
and polyester cut pile carpets are heat-set.
Carpet Cushion: A firm and resilient carpet cushion is necessary to form a good foundation for your carpet, increasing its comfort and extending its life, by
absorbing the impact of foot traffic. Choose cushion not more than 7/16" thick. Cushion also adds insulation and reduces noise. If you need to stay within a budget, skimp on the carpet before skimping on the pad.
Choosing a Reputable Retailer: The better carpet retail stores will have knowledgeable staff who will answer your questions and address your concerns. Select a carpet dealer who has a wide selection of samples from which to choose and stands behind the installation.
Installation: Insist on power stretching. A power stretcher is a series of pipes with a head that hooks into the carpet and a lever that lengthens the pipes allowing the installer to stretch the carpet away from a supporting wall. Power stretched carpet will stay stretched better than knee-kicker stretched carpet.

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