The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaner Hinesville Ga. 31313

There is more to cleaning than just removing some of the surface soil.  Imagine what it would feel like to wiggle your toes down into soft fluffy yarns once again.  We could come in and clean right behind other carpet cleaners and you would see that your carpet would be flufflier and still stay clean longer.  Matted traffic lanes fluff up again.  Worn out, frayed-out yarns snap back close to their original shape, making them more resilient and durable.  That means your carpets will be cleaner & will last much longer too.  A powerful degreasing enzyme prespray is required to get the oils off.  These oils get on your carpets from pollutants in the air, cooking, your pet's oily coat, foot traffic and skin.  These oils lock onto your carpet and grab dirt. Without a degreasing prespray, the carpet washes the soil off the top, but the oils are not all removed.  These oils can give the carpet a slight grayish cast or a dull look.  As well they attract dirt like a mop, so the carpet resoiling begins much quicker.  Many companies skip this vital cleaning step or charge extra for it and use cheap products.  Choice Care Carpet Cleaning use the best prespray we can buy, and we put  it on every carpet.  All included with your service.  We have been cleaning in Hinesville Ga. for over 20 years. We also do water damage Restoration, tile & grout cleaning, & upholstery cleaning.  Call us in Hinesville @ 912-368-7337.  Locally owned & operated.