Things you should know about carpet cleaning. PoolerGa. 31322

Wear: This is simply what happens to carpet when it is used.  It is the reduction in the pile fiber density in traffic lanes.  Complaints can be fix by an accurate pre-inspection and explanation for all carpet situations.  Carpets may appear darker in traffic patterns due to normal wear and abrasion, even after your carpets has been cleaned or restored.  Delamination: Sometimes may be caused by age or traffic, and may be in newer carpet. Is normally caused by improper formulation or application of some adhesives during production or manufacturing rugs.  Carpet soiling: This is anything in carpets that should not be there.  Vacuuming is best for removing soil.  Almost 80 percent of dry soils can be vacuumed away.  Some believe carpets acts as a sink that will trap soil, dander and many other particles.  Some things that will help keep your carpets cleaned are 1) keeping your entryways nice & clean, 2) remove shoes at the doors, 3) use the best vacuum possible with filter bags, 4) have Choice Care Carpet Care clean your carpets on a regular basis along with your other textiles.  By following these guidelines, this will help keep your furnishings their best.  Remember that hot water cleans best, within reason. If u have ever washed a dirty greasy dish knows hot water clean much better. Same is true with carpet cleaning.  These are just a few tips in helping to ou care for your carpets in Pooler Ga. & surrounding areas. Feel free to call Choice Care Carpet Care for all your carpet needs @ 912-354-3067. Pooler Ga.31322