Thorough Wool Rug Cleaning- Savannah Ga. 31419

 The most thorough cleaning Ever, or it's Free!  Choicecare Carpet Cleaning Savannah Ga. 

•Select a company that offers cleaning methods appropriate to your carpet. For badly soiled carpets, look for a company that offers hot water extraction with truck-mounted equipment or a combination of shampoo and hot water extraction.

If you’re getting an area rug cleaned, in most cases the work will have to be done outside your home. 

•Select a company that does the work in its own plant. Some carpet cleaners that take in area rugs don’t perform the work themselves, but instead send rugs to specialized cleaners. These companies may contract the work out to large-scale operation that uses automated equipment — which is inferior to manual work. Also, you’re likely to retain more control over quality by dealing directly with the company that actually performs the work.

•Use a company that employs a dedicated rug-cleaning staff. Some companies simply use some of their in-home carpet cleaners to clean area rugs. That’s not necessarily a concern, but the work is different, and ideally you want someone who spends all of their time cleaning.

For any carpet- or rug-cleaning work, be sure to get a written estimate that details cleaning methods and add-ons. Ask for a written workmanship guarantee promising that the company will at least redo the job if you consider it unsatisfactory. Point out stains, and explain what caused them and how long they’ve been there.

For in-home work, move any antiques and other prized valuables and vacuum the area. Warn the company about furniture with weak legs, possible weak carpet seams, and other trouble areas. Be sure plastic or foil shields are placed under all furniture legs when the work is complete.  For appointment please call Choice Care Carpet Cleaning @ 912-354-3067.  Savannah Ga.  Testimonials