We make Carpets Beautiful in Savannah Ga.!

Most people love when their carpets are fresh & clean.  It brings pride to the home & it can even make you feel better. Our favorite method to clean most carpets is Hot Water Extraction.  It is done with a truck mounted system that heats the water to a high temperature and shoots the cleaning solution into the carpets at a higher pressure, which breaks up dirt, bacteria, and pollens.  Then the machine uses high suction to draw the dirt out of the carpets.  Carpets will dry in approximately 3-4 hours.  As a way of improving our profession, Choice Care Carpet Care has decided to devote time & energy toward educating the public.  This is the reason why publish this locally here in Savannah Ga.  We also have high rankings on local search engines with many local clients who love our services.  We service Savannah, Richmond Hill, Hinesville, Rincon, and local areas in between.  If you would like to have your carpets completely cleaned, removing bacteria, chemicals, pollens, and other harmful products, then we invite you to call us.  We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have regarding carpet & rug cleaning.  Our trained customer service will be happy to give you all the information you may need to make an well informed decision.  Please call us @ 912-354-3067 .  We guarantee our work.  That's right. We fully guarantee every cleaning job we do.  If you're not happy with our work, we'll re-clean the area for free. Shouldn't that what a professional service do?