Why you should use Choicecare Carpet Cleaning in Savannah Georgia 31411

Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies Use High-Quality Equipment

One of the most important ways that professional carpet-cleaning companies are able to shampoo fibers with an environmentally friendly process is by using the best equipment. Only industrial-grade shampooing machines can remove stains, embedded debris and foul odors from carpets before extracting the moisture and cleansers to leave carpets as dry as possible. Instead of saturating a home’s carpets with water that might cause the backing to shrink, degrade or develop mildew, choose a company that uses steam cleaning or hot extraction methods. With an extraction process, a carpet-shampooing machine sprays a carpet’s fibers with a combination of hot water and gentle cleansers that lifts debris immediately before suctioning the dirty water. Rather than having a wet carpet surface, the fibers are almost dry, soft and comfortable to walk on.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Fortunately, modern carpet-cleaning companies offer green or allergen-free methods of shampooing carpets to reduce your allergy symptoms while also protecting the environment. Eco-friendly carpet-cleaning processes are designed to use as little cleanser as possible in order to avoid polluting the environment. The cleansers used during green-cleaning processes are made from natural substances such as the acidic essences from citrus fruit, including oranges or lemons. Using these types of cleansers also helps to create a fresh scent in your home, and the odor from citrus fruit can help to repel insects.